UCSF-UCB-UCM 2018 Immunology Retreat Program


Arrivals - Check in:

  • Please register with UCSF Retreat Organizer (Cindy Li) at the lobby before checking-in at the front desk –
    • You will need a name badge to be able to check in for your room
  • Rooms are not available until 4:00 pm –
    • If you arrive early, you may register first, then check in at the front desk
    • You will receive a notification via email when your room is ready
    • Please leave your bags/luggage in the car
  • Chaminade will need a debit/credit card on file when you check in –
    • This will apply to each guest checking in a single or double room
  • If you are bringing a guest –
    • If indicated that you are bringing a guest on your registration, you will be charged the guest rate after check out
    • Please confirm with the front desk how many guests you have including children under 5 years old
    • Guests are not allowed to attend the conference sessions; but will have access to all meals and snack breaks


Please note that the first session will begin at 1:00pm on Friday September 21st in Santa Cruz Room. A map of Chaminade Resort & Spa is provided below to help you find your way.


Please plan to arrive before 1:00 pm and proceed to Santa Cruz Room! Check-in does not begin until after 4pm, and you will need to check in before attending dinner. The drive to Chaminade takes about 1 - 1.5 hours without a lunch break, so we strongly recommend that attendees do not try to squeeze in an experiment on Friday morning! It was great to see so many people for the first session last year -- we hope to repeat that this year.

Poster presentations will take place after the sessions on Friday evening in 4 different locations: La Selva, Rio Del Mar, Capitola, New Brighton. Saturday evening poster session will be at: Natural Bridges and Seascape. With extra space to mingle and plenty of refreshments, we are looking forward to another lively session this year. 

Poster List: 

  • Poster size: 4 X 4 or less, will be tumb tacked to the wall 
  • This year, we are having the poster session on 2 nights with half going up each night; divided into both Friday night (A) and Saturday night (B) –
    • See poster list to find when and where your poster should be
    • All poster rooms on BOTH nights will be available for you to hang starting at 5:00 pm until poster session at 9:00 pm
    • We will have formal poster judging at both nights and final prizes will be announced and awarded after retreat ends
  • Poster List Locations –
    • If you are listed on Friday night (A), please have your posters on the designated rooms: La Selva, Rio Del Mar, Capitola, New Brighton
    • If you are listed on Saturday night (B), please have your posters on the designated rooms: Natural Bridges, Seascape


Guest speaker Dr. Garnett Kelsoe anchors the Saturday evening session with his talk. This will be followed by a poster session/ open bar!