Speaker and Poster Information

The Asilomar Immunology Retreat begins Friday September 22nd at 1pm. Please prepare to arrive on time to respect the first couple of presenters. If you are a speaker please meet with the AV people before the start of the session to load and test your presentation. If you are presenting a poster, please put them up before dinner on Friday.

A very important  goal of the Asilomar Immunology Retreat is to keep this retreat as informal as possible and to stimulate lively discussion.

 • Talks will be 15 minutes per lab with 5 minutes for questions. It is very important to practice your talk to fit within the time limit; session chairs will cut you off. You will probably get lots of questions, and the discussions are as important as the presentations -- that is where you can get ideas and feedback -- so reserving the full 5 minutes for questions is critical. Presentation of unpublished work is very much encouraged.

• The poster session on Friday night is a very lively and exciting event. Students and postdocs in general receive very useful feedback. Given that we are amongst friends from UCB and UCSF, this is an excellent forum to get feedback on new ideas, present a poster for the first time, or discuss future directions if your story is ready to submit. The presenter boards are just over 4 feet wide and about 4 feet tall. Please create a poster that will fit, as space may be limited. There will be prizes ($$$$) as well. Winners of the best graduate student poster and best postdoc poster will be announced Saturday evening. Ooh, did we mention free drinks? 

• We prefer that you bring your presentation file(s) on a flash drive and load them onto designated computers (Mac & PC) that will be used during the sessions. If you prefer to use your own laptop (for movies, etc.), please check with the A/V staff, who are student participants at the retreat. In all cases please have your presentation or computer set up with the A/V staff at least 15 min prior to the start of your session.


UCSF/UCB Retreat Poster Voting 2017

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